Get to know Australia’s true independent wireless specialists

SpectroTech is an Australian owned and operated independent wireless networking specialist and distributor of a wide range of products designed to support any enterprise wireless networking platform with a focus on enhanced performance. Founded in February 2003, SpectroTech has been providing specialist value-add services including independent consulting, training and expert advise on wireless networking, mobility and security technologies for over a decade. Recognised as experts in our field, SpectroTech has also been the sole CWNP Authorised Learning Partner within Australia since 2004, empowering vendors, channels, and end-users through learning and development in wireless networking technologies for well over a decade.

Our independence enables a preferred partnership with our clients offering sustainable solutions and competitive advantage for our clients across all vendor channels and platforms. Our services range from wireless network health checks, requirements analysis, strategic sourcing, supplier identification and evaluation, contracting and negotiations, solution design, implementation, training, management, and support.

With a background spanning more than 23 years in Radio Frequency (RF) technology, cryptography, networking and information systems, our founding Director and Principal Consultant has built a strong team-focussed consultative approach around extensive real-world knowledge, expertise, and a passion for enterprise wireless technology.

The SpectroTech Service Difference

Consulting and professional services are fundamentally different things, even though many people and companies interchange them. Understanding this enables an understanding of how we differentiate in what we offer our clients.

Typically speaking, Professional Services is what hardware and software companies or resellers provide to implement and support their solutions. When you purchase their products, many companies also pay for professional services to assist with the deployment and implementation of their products.

Consulting on the other hand is much broader. It gets tricky when you mix both Professional Services and Consulting within the same company. In such cases you often see ‘consulting’ offered from companies trying to retrofit their strengths to their client’s requirements and based on capabilities of their professional services team or on limited products and solutions available from their sales team, rather than focussing on the clients needs.

At SpectroTech, we’re passionate about technology, we’re recognised as leading specialists in our field and we’re proud to be independent. This is one of our key differentiators which provides the assurance that our consulting services are not influenced by the vendor-reseller relationships often found within the market. Our customers come first and our service model is designed to support their needs without cookie-cutter solutions driven by vendor-reseller relationships.

Specialist Distribution Value

We’ve all heard the term ‘value-add’ when it comes to distribution and service offering. At SpectroTech, we thrive on our passion for wireless networking technologies, and are a true independent specialist in this field. We take pride in our commitment to empowering the market through learning and development as part of our value-add training and service approach.

Our extensive product range is agnostic and designed to enhance the performance of any enterprise wireless networking platform. This focus was built and extended upon over a decade as industry expert consultants, and training providers in the wireless networking industry, bringing a true value-add service and training approach to the market, and available as white-label services through channels.

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