WiFi Procurement Services

WiFi Procurement Overview

As a leading independent specialist in Wireless LAN / WiFi Technology across Australia, SpectroTech can assist in a variety of tasks including Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Identification, Supplier Evaluation, Contracting, and Negotiations. We establish a partnership with our clients to drive value creation by leveraging knowledge and experience, whilst best optimising sustainable and competitive advantages for our customers.

Our Procurement strategies can be leveraged through a broader Acquisition process such as our Wi-Fi Tender Management Services, as a compliment to our Independent Wi-Fi Consulting Services or as simple procurement assistance in sourcing and negotiating value-for-money on your wireless networking and enterprise mobility projects. We also offer flexibility in the fee options by enabling either contingency based or fee for service billing.

Our objective is to enable our clients to achieve the best overall value-for-money and quality of service for all your wireless networking and mobilty needs.

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