White Label Services

white label wifi services

White Label Wi-Fi Services Overview

Are you making the most from your IT business? Whether you’re a Reseller, VAR, VAD, or a Service Provider, SpectroTech offers a wide range of white label training, service and support solutions to help you grow your business. Whether you’re looking for a new service capability or looking to boost your existing service capacity, our certified professionals are ready to help you grow. Being independent and a leading specialist in wireless networking means we can tailor our solutions to meet the needs of your business and that of your clients, no matter which vendor, architecture, product or solution you offer.

White Label Wi-Fi Professional Services

  • Project Management
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • WLAN Site Surveying
  • Wi-Fi Health Checks
  • Network Design
  • Product Staging & Configuration
  • Product Installation
  • System & Support Documentation
  • Product Training
  • WLAN Performance Analysis
  • Problem Analysis & Resolution
  • WLAN Security Analysis

White Label Wi-Fi Support Services

  • Level 1 & 2 Support
  • Managed Wi-Fi

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