Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Well done Mark. You went over and above the average instructor. Your level of knowledge is remarkable. Tim Woods, Unisys

What really makes it is the open forum approach that Mark employed. You learn a lot of real world information. It was fantastic, really learnt a huge amount. Toby Vere, Fujitsu

Presenters knowledge and passion for the subject stands out. Dave Culpin, RLM Group

Great course, probably the best course I have attended. Chris McManaway, Telecom New Zealand

Very good class provisioning a very rounded appreciation of both RF and wired networking and providing comprehensive coverage of the whole WiFi market place. Andy Phillips, Motorola EWLAN

An excellent and charismatic instructor – would not hesitate to recommend this course and trainer. Very keen to impart knowledge, even above and beyond courseware. Chee-Nung Wong, Classic Blue/IBM

The one thing that stands out in the training experience is the presentation manner – “real life” talk brought into the class. Maria Burrows, AirData

I very much enjoyed the course and was pleased that it was conducted by an industry expert who treated us like peers, not plebs. The real world examples which supported training principles really stood out. Mik Madden, CBO

Very well presented. Great course. Jason Bullock, Datanet

Mark’s knowledge & experience really made this course. Gary Searle, Bizit

This is the best course I have ever been on. Hamish Hesketh, Telecom New Zealand

This course has been far more useful and interesting than I had expected. The name of the course (Wireless LAN Administration) seemed a little misleading given the wide-ranging syllabus. Mark obviously knows, and is interest in what he teaches. Overall, an excellent course. Donovan Winch, RLM Group

This course really blew my mind. Instructors knowledge of standards and products was exceptional. Thoroughly recommend it. Garen Casey, DLink

Possibly one of the most interesting and useful courses I have participated in. Phil Damen, Computerland

Really enjoyable. One of the best courses I have ever completed. Steve Judge, New Zealand

An excellent course with an outstanding instructor. Experience-based, agnostic discussions well handled and presented. An easy going flow enhanced the learning process and the anecdotes were informative and entertaining. Kriv Naicker, Telecom New Zealand

This course met and exceeded my expectations and provided me with “real world” knowledge. Stan Krainovic, South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service

Excellent training. Good content at a well delivered pace. David Butler, Mine Site Technologies

Have completed numerous courses with Juniper Networks, Cisco training partners, a couple of Polytechs and uni’s. This course quality was excellent across the board. Tim Norris, Telecom New Zealand

The course was very well designed. Targets all the weak areas in RF. Instructor was very well presented and experienced. Yakout Esmat, Gen-i

The overall course was above my initial expectations. Dimitri Zantidis, Motorola