Tender Services

Wireless Tender Management

SpectroTech offers wireless Tender Management services to assist our clients with reducing cost, risk and time associated with procurement of wireless networking and mobility solutions. The overall process is a formal method incorporating more than just the identification, evaluation and selection of potential suppliers. The process starts with a planning phase that enables an audit and analysis of existing systems, solutions, and your business environment to identify project options and alternatives. This aids us in identifying if a Tender process is the best option for your needs before going any further. Once the Tender process is confirmed as a viable and recommended option, our experienced team will work with you toward establishing a detailed specification based on independent knowledge and expertise from many years specialising in wireless networking, project and tender management.

Our process and procedure has been so successful that we’re sure you’ll want to use the same process over and over again. In fact, we’re so confident of this that we’ve deliberately designed the process as a learning experience that enables you to use it ongoing and internally for other procurement needs.


Benefits of Tender Management Services

  • Minimises risk to your business
  • Enables substantial cost savings
  • Employs an initial consultative approach to define project options/alternatives
  • Access to expert knowledge and experience in Wireless LAN / Wi-Fi technology
  • Provision of up-front cost estimates for a likely solution based on defined requirements
  • Development of well refined requirements/specification ensuring the right solution and feature sets are evaluated
  • Ensures conformity to process designed to achieve best value for money
  • Encourages commercial competition assessed against common criteria
  • Establishes a proven evaluation methodology based on refined criteria
  • Establishes measures for testing and acceptance around project success

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