Wireless Site Survey

Wireless Site Survey

A wireless site survey is about much more than coverage, capacity and access point placement. A properly conducted wireless site survey should provide an agreed level of wireless performance assurance through careful planning, design, analysis, validation and where necessary, optimisation. SpectroTech have been providing site surveys throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia wide across many industries for over a decade and have refined our service offering to ensure our customers achieve the most from their investment in wireless networking solutions.

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Types of Site Surveys

There are three primary types of wireless site surveys offered by SpectroTech:

  • Pre-installation site survey
  • Post implementation site survey / validation site survey
  • Wireless heath check site survey

Wireless Site Survey Inclusions

  • Onsite planning and analysis meeting
  • Application and capacity planning
  • Physical site survey
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Passive wireless site survey
  • Active wireless site survey and/or predictive wireless site survey
  • Protocol analysis (where required)
  • Data analysis and detailed reporting

SpectroTech’s wireless site survey methodology

A SpectroTech wireless site survey includes detailed information on signal coverage, throughput and performance designed to meet the most demanding business needs. This is achieved by conducting thorough business, technology and site specific requirements analysis, undertaking application and device support planning and establishing critical thresholds for ensuring optimum performance.

By conducting a thorough site survey process including each of the items indicated in the inclusions above, our survey’s enable us to capture, analyse and present critical information including Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), background noise level, Signal to Interference Ratio (SIR), corrupt frames and frame retry rates, data rates indicating achievable speed and aggregate throughput by calculating and planning oversubscription ratios, specific application and device support requirements as well as network contention and overhead caused by WiFi protocols and various technology, standard and device capabilities.

Our site survey reports provide detailed information and diagrams showing this critical information, as well as details outlining access point locations, power and channel configuration recommendations, installation requirements including mounting instructions, photo’s of installation points, data cabling and power provisioning for access points, network integration including switch capacity and PoE budget (where required) and baseline performance measures.

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