Ekahau Site Survey Premium Pack

Ekahau Site Survey Premium Pack

The Expert Toolkit for Better Wi-Fi

  1. Ekahau Site Survey Pro With Planner
    3D Planning and Site Surveys
    • Design Wi-Fi networks in 3D
    • Active, passive and throughput surveys
    • Optimize Wi-Fi performance and capacity
    • Troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues
    • Generate reports
    • Includes 2 survey adapters and USB Hub
  2. Ekahau Mobile Survey (Android)
    Instant WLAN troubleshooting
    • Real-time analysis and troubleshooting
    • Access point finder
    • Light-weight site surveys with heatmaps
    • Continous background monitoring
  3. Ekahau Spectrum Analyzer
    Interference Detection & Elimination
    • Interferer detection and classification
    • Real-time interferer finder
    • Dual-band operation at 2.4 and 5 GHz

“I much prefer it.”

Bruce E Alexander, Cisco


“This tool rocks!”

William Aguilar, Extreme Networks


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