12x12x6 Heated PoE Enclosure for 3 Element RPTNC External Antenna

12x12x6 Heated PoE Enclosure for 3 Element RPTNC External Antenna


Short Description:

The AccelTex Solutions Heated PoE enclosure allows an access point to be installed in an outdoor or other temperature-limiting environment. The heater and AP are powered by a single PoE cable run from the network switch. The enclosure ships ready for an AP and external antenna installation.

Part Number : ATS-12126-S-L-3T-CG-POE-H

  • Product Details and Features

    • Model: ATS-600-RPTNCJ-RPTNCP-100ft
    • Quantity: 22
    • Manufactured By:
    • Cable Length: 100′
    • Cable Series: 600
    • Connector 1 Style: RPTNC Jack
    • Connector 2 Style: RPTNC Plug
    • 12x12x6 Poly Enclosure with Solid Door, Latch Lock, Cord Grip and Mounting Feet
    • 1 Gbps Ethernet Surge Suppression
    • 50W Power Injector and PoE Splitter
    • 15W Heater
    • Adjustable Thermostat
    • Ethernet Cables (Internal Only, Customer provides Ethernet Cable to Enclosure)
    • Ground Bar, Ground Lug and all Internal Components Pre-wired to this Ground
    • T-Bar for AP Mounting
    • DIN Rail
    • 3 RPTNC Lightning Arrestors
    • 3 RPTNC Jack to RPTNC Plug Cable Assemblies
    • 3 Right Angle RPTNC Jack to RPTNC Plug Adapters
  • Specification Sheet

    View, Download or Print detailed cable assembly outline drawing.

  • Warranty Information

    AccelTex Solutions cable assembly products are covered by a 1-year Limited Warranty.
    View Complete Limited Warranty

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