Managing Aruba Cloud-based Networks with Aruba Central

Advanced Management of Aruba Cloud-based Networks with Central

Advanced Management of Aruba Cloud-Based Network with Central training

Advanced Management of Aruba Cloud-based Networks with Central, Instructor Led Training (ILT)

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Course Description

Welcome  to  the  Advanced  Managing  Cloud- Based  Networks  with  Aruba  Central  course.   This  2- day  course  will  focus  on  some  advanced  Aruba  Central  services  and  features  such  as  Clients  Insight,  Cloud  Authentication,  Advanced  API,  and  Certificate  Management.  Clients  Insight  uses  AI  and  ML  to  analyze  and  identify  various  devices  on  the  network,  giving  network  administrators  visibility  of  client  types  and  behaviors.  Cloud  Auth  brings  flexibility  to  the  network  access  control  by  using  cloud  identity  providers,  such  as  Microsoft  Azure  AD  and  Google  Workspace,  as  authentication  sources,  applying  the  proper  access  role  to  each  client.  On  the  advanced  API  module,  you  will  explore  the  various  API  types  and  the  most  common  use  cases.  Students  will  also  learn  how  to  manage  certificates  with  Aruba  Central.  Through  lectures  and  hands- on  labs,  the  course  will  provide  students  with  the  knowledge,  skills,  and  practical  experience  needed  to  take  full  advantage  of  Aruba  Central  while  keeping  the  network  secure.

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  • Price: $2,056.00 (ex) Contact us for Aruba partner and customer discounts.
  • SpectroTech also accepts Aruba Training Credits and Vouchers.
  • Duration: 2 days, Classroom – Instructor Led Training (ILT) or virtual (vILT)
  • Availability: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. Onsite (customer premises) available for minimum 6 people.
  • Skill Level: Advanced

Ideal Candidate for this course

Ideal  candidates  are  networking  IT  professionals  or  technical  marketing  professionals  looking  to  expand  their  knowledge  and  skill  set  on  the  Aruba  Central  platform  and  have  already  completed  Managing  Aruba  Cloud- Based  Networks  with  Central. Your  success  is  important  to  us!  To  do  well  in  this  course,  you  must  know  the  content  in  the  Aruba  course  Managing  Aruba  Cloud- Based  Networks  with  Central.  This  includes,  but  is  not  limited  to,  the  specific  topics  you  see  here.

Prerequisite  Knowledge

How  to:

  • onboard devices
  • assign devices  to  a  group,  site  and  label  devices’
  • utilize visual  RF  to  determine  potential  issues,  evaluate  network  topology  and  plan  network  coverage
  • complete IAP  configuration
  • configure an  AP,  bridged  WLAN  and  monitor  client  details
  • apply guest  authentication
  • operate AIOps  for  troubleshooting
  • view application  visibility  and  presence  analytics  to  navigate  Central  administrative  features  which  include  adding  users,  creating  custom  roles,  view  and  generate  report  and  upgrade  device  firmware  and  view  audit  trail
  • implement API  and  API  tools
  • use Aruba  Central  to  monitor  network,  sites,  devices  and  clients  and
  • implement MSP

Course  objectives

Upon  completion  of  this  module,  you  will  be  able  to:

  • Identify and  profile  client  devices  using  Clients
  • Utilize Cloud  Auth  for  User  and  Client  Access
  • Explain the  benefits  and  types  of  Advanced
  • Upload  new  certificates  and  deploys  those  certificates  for  APs,  Gateways,  and  Switches.

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